Video Verification Allows Our Monitoring Team and You to View Video Clips and/or Live Video In the Event of an Alarm

If an alarm is activated, our trained monitoring team is able to view the alarm cause on video. Upon an alarm trigger, the info is also sent to you so that you can view the video from any device. Video verification allows our team or you to contact police faster or save the police from responding to nuisance alarms. Call us today at 800-654-8800 to discuss the benefits of video verification and get ability 24/7 live video access into your property.

Features include:

  • Video Verification
  • Guard Tours
  • Device Monitoring
  • Text Message and Email Notifications
  • Central Station Contact Button
  • 24/7 Video Access – Live Views/Clips
  • No Software – No App

Our top priority is your family and security. Contact us for more information about our security, alarm, and home automation systems, 800-654-8800.

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