Home Automation System

Our Home Automation Systems are a Great Addition to Any Home Security System

Mountain View Security Systems can install home automation systems that will:

  • Turn lights on and off and adjust window shades while you’re away from home to keep your house from appearing vacant
  • Automate your thermostat settings so that systems operate cost-effectively while you’re not home or to adjust the temperature in the house when you’re on your way
  • Control audio and entertainment systems from anywhere in your home

Your home automation system can be controlled with a remote or from your mobile device. Even though we have the technology to completely configure many aspects of your home, Home automation systems do not need to be complex. We can install a timer in a porch light to turn it on and off, or bring your home into the next level of automation with many system integrations.

We give our customers flexibility to design their own automated systems. Your family and home security is our #1 priority. Contact us for more information about our security, alarm, and home entertainment and theater systems.

Smart Home Security and Monitoring System

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