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How much does a security system cost?

Every home or business is unique, and that can affect the price, so we will work with you to find the right system for your needs.

Do I need a phone line for a security system?

No. There are many different options available which do not rely on a landline phone. Our systems also use a radio network and/or internet connections.

Will I own the security equipment?

Absolutely. When you purchase a security system from Mountain View Security Systems, you own the hardware.

Can I control my security system with my phone?

Yes, our systems have options available that allow you to remotely access your alarm system from a computer or mobile device.

Can I view my security cameras on my phone when I’m away?

Yes, depending on the system you choose, access to your cameras is available from a computer or mobile device.

What does a home alarm system consist of?

A typical home security system contains perimeter protection (doors) and interior protection (motion detectors). Systems can be customized for any individual needs you may have and modified over time as your needs change.

Can I set my alarm and stay inside my home?

Yes. Your system can be set up to allow you to move about your entire home or just portions of your home without an alarm trigger for when you are home, and to cover the entire home when you are away.

Does the alarm sound a siren when activated by an intruder?

Yes. Our systems have an audible alarm that goes off within the building when it is triggered and also send alerts to our monitoring team at the same time.

Does the security alarm work when power is out?

Yes, we install a battery backup as part of your system.

Will I get a discount on my homeowner’s insurance when I purchase a security system?

Yes, depending on the insurance company, the discount could be up to 20 percent.

What happens if I accidentally trigger my alarm system?

You will be contacted by our monitoring team to better understand the cause of the alarm. If you fail to respond, we will contact the proper authorities depending on the type of alarm triggered.

What are the things a homeowner should consider when installing a security system?

We provide a consultative approach when meeting with a homeowner to identify what matters most to you. Several factors should be addressed when installing a system:

  • Perimeter protection (doors, windows, motion detection, glass break detection)
  • Life Safety (smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, medical alerts)
  • Environmental protection (sump pump, water level, furnace failure, generator running)
  • Lifestyle (remote services, phone applications, integration to lights, locks and thermostats)
  • Any specific areas of your home or business that you need to protect such as a safe, liquor, or gun cabinet
Why do I need a monitoring service? Won’t the siren noise be enough protection?

If you are not home when the alarm is triggered, you need to be made aware and authorities need to be called if you can not get there. Our security monitoring team works 24/7 to ensure any alerts from your home or business security system are responded to immediately.

Do you offer monitoring services?

Yes. 24/7 monitoring is included in our packages.

Do I need a security alarm permit?

It varies from town to town. Our sales team can help you with determining if one is needed.

Does my home need to be pre-wired to have a security system?

No. We install systems in existing homes every day and we will take care of any wiring needs during the installation.

What if I have a question that isn’t addressed here?

Please contact our knowledgeable sales team and they will review any questions and help you design the security system you need.

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