Home Security System Checklist

For most people, their home is their largest asset. A good home security system includes more than alarms and a company monitoring your home while you are away. There are all different types of insurance to help you protect that valuable asset: homeowner’s insurance, flood insurance, etc. But insurance only covers you after your home has been destroyed or property has been stolen. Below, we’ve created a checklist for other added layers of security to help put your mind at ease and leverage some basic safety principles and complete your home security system. After all, is there anything more important than keeping your family safe and healthy?

Smoke Detectors

We know— everyone’s lives are so incredibly busy these days. It can be hard to remember to intermittently make sure your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector have full battery and are properly working. However, we also know it can literally be the difference between life and death. According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), almost three out of five home fire deaths are a result of either no smoke alarms at all (40%) or smoke alarms that do not work properly (17%). An easy tip? Set a recurring alarm on your smartphone at regular intervals to test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. If you’re not sure your home has enough detectors or you’re not sure of the correct placement, we can help install and monitor smoke detectors and fire alarms to ensure proper installation and function.

Doors and Windows Protection

Perhaps one of the easiest home safety tips is to make it a habit to always keep your doors and windows locked. Even your garage door. And yes, even if you are home. This is a good defense against the criminal who is looking for an easy way to grab something quickly. For example, if the garage door is left open, someone may plan to walk on by and take something without your noticing. Additionally, an added home alarm system on windows and doors(perimeter breach protection and motion detectors) will make them even more secure as you will be alerted when any of them are opened when the home security system is activated. Systems like these can secure the perimeter of your home when you are inside or asleep and monitor the perimeter and any motion inside when you are gone.

Lights and Light Timers

Light is another easy crime deterrent for your home. The more well-lit your house is, the less likely somebody will go snooping around. When away, it is good to have light timers in place that activate in a sequence to provide the illusion of being home. Indoor light timers can be added to a home security system to create this illusion while you are away, and ensure your property looks like someone is home every evening. Additionally, motion detector lights in your yard make your property less inviting for those who shouldn’t be there. Not to mention, a well-lit house is great for your family’s own personal safety, as it can prevent accidental injuries such as trips and falls around the property!

Secure Your Keys

It is important to be aware of the location of all the sets of keys to your home that exist. For example, it is never a good idea to hide a key outside, no matter how clever of a location you think you may have found. Instead, leave a copy of your keys with nearby friends, family, or neighbors whom you trust or we can install a keyless entry system so that spare keys are no longer necessary.

Mail & Deliveries

Be sure to not let your mail and packages pile up if you are out of town. Either ask a friend, neighbor or family member to stop by and safely store them at their home, or put a hold on your mail with the post office itself. An overflowing mailbox, newspapers piling up outside and packages on the doorstep not only are asking for those items to possibly be taken, but also give away the fact that you are not home, putting you at higher risk for a break-in. Installing front porch security cameras can also give you added peace of mind with the ability to monitor when deliveries occur remotely from your phone or other mobile device.

Going on Vacation? Make Arrangements Ahead of Time

We’ve covered a number of safety suggestions for when you are out of town, including timed lights and safely arranging for mail and packages to be taken in by someone you trust. You can also be sure that your home security system is monitored so that if someone does break in, there is more than just an alarm in place, and the authorities are alerted quickly. Security monitoring services allow you to have peace of mind knowing that we are paying attention to the safety and security of your home while you are away. There is one additional home security tip, when you travel, that you might not be thinking of off the bat—- and that’s to protect your residence on social media. Yes, it is true in this day and age that your online actions might also influence the safety of your home. Namely, be sure to never post online about upcoming trips out of town. Additionally, as tempting as it may be to post the latest pics from your big vacation, it’s best to wait until after you are back to your home safe and sound. Just think of all the great #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday material you’ll have! And the best part? The knowledge that your home is less in danger of a break-in by not advertising you’re going away (however well-meaning your posts are). Relax and enjoy your vacation, we’ve got you covered.

Home Security Cameras

With today’s modern technology, it is now easier and less expensive than ever to set up security cameras to help protect your home. These can often be checked on your smartphone or other mobile device at any time from anywhere. Security cameras not only help deter criminals, or record them should they attempt to break into your home, they also allow you to see who is ringing the doorbell, see when your kids arrive home after school and who is with them, check on pets that are home and can even be combined with smart technology to let your family or neighbors in while you might not be there. Security cameras also allow your security monitoring company to access the feeds if needed when an alarm goes off. This can provide added protection and information if needed during or after a burglary.

Home Security Checklist Summary

While not all break-ins, accidents or emergencies can be prevented, it is still important to prepare yourself as much as possible and ensure you have a good security system in place. We can assist you with nearly all of these items by installing and/or monitoring everything including your smoke alarms, perimeter protection, motion detectors, and home security cameras. Our monitoring service is affordable and will give you added peace of mind knowing we are ready if needed. Completing this home security system checklist will help to ensure that you have done everything in your power to help protect your most valuable asset and your insurance company will be happy you’ve done your part for prevention. For more home security information, please feel free to contact Mountain View Security Systems today at (800) 654-8800 or Mountain View Security Systems services all of Vermont and has a dispatching center, with many home security systems options to suit the needs of your family.

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