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Choosing a home security system doesn’t have to be difficult and at Mountain View Security Systems, we’ll ensure you understand your options and help you choose a system that meets your needs. We can install basic motion detector systems or sophisticated video surveillance and even alarm systems that can lock doors or turn lights on or off and provide video monitoring and system access from your smartphone.

Keep Vermont Safe - Security Company

Mountain View Security Systems has been offering Vermont home security systems for years. We offer a variety of home security and home automation services from the very basic options to complex solutions, all with the quality and local customer service you expect here in Vermont. Even our most affordable home security system can monitor and control locks and home energy systems while providing access via smartphones and tablets.

You can also rely on Mountain View for fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detection. We offer video surveillance and video verification options as well as a medical alert system for customers with special medical needs.

All of these home security system components can be linked by our reliable SeaNet Mesh Radio System, which works even when telephone lines or cell phone towers are not operating.

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