Seanet Mesh Security Radio System

Our Radio System Provides a Reliable Link Between Your Security System Even When the Phone or Internet is Down

Our mesh radio system is a network of radio devices that transmit and receive signals without telephone or internet lines. When we install the SeaNet Mesh Radio System in your home, your security system becomes part of our network, which ensures that alarm signals are transmitted by the fastest route possible. Because it is radio-based, the signal gets through even when phone lines are out of order.

Some benefits of using our mesh radio system are:

  • Alarm signals are received in just 2 to 4 seconds
  • Our radio network is highly secure. When phone lines have been cut or cell phone signals are interrupted, you can still rely on your SeaNet communication
  • Unaffected by phone network outages and environmental interferences
  • Convenient with easy remote monitoring and control. System events do not monopolize your phone
  • It is economical. An extra phone line is not needed, and there are no network upgrades. It is virtually maintenance-free.

With SeaNet, you’ll have the safest, fastest, and most reliable communications solution for security system monitoring.

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