Security Camera Monitoring Vermont

The SeaCatch Wireless Video Security System is a battery-powered video surveillance system that is ideal for securing remote locations such as construction sites, storage facilities, cabins, boats and recreational vehicles.

This wireless video security system does not require AC power and communicates through GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication), like many cell phones. The equipment can withstand extreme temperatures, as low as minus-20 degrees F. This camera system is compact, portable and easy to set up.

System features include:

  • Integrated IP Ethernet – GPRS modems
  • No AC power required (GPRS only)
  • Completely wireless
  • Infrared illumination up to 30 feet
  • Full-RF supervision
  • Military-grade RF
  • Up to 19 user codes/badges
  • Auto arm/disarm on 7-day schedule
  • Opening/closing reports by user
  • Exit/entry delays
  • Tamper alerts

Thanks to SeaCatch Wireless Video, you can now secure any piece of property.

For more information on SeaCatch, download the PDF here. To request a quote, click here.

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